SSj International Consultants

In an environment where there are an overwhelming number of options for websites and electronic tools to convey products and services, websites that are clear and current are critical to a business' success. The expense of creating such a website is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting it right the first time, and self-maintaining a website to convey the changes and improvements in one's business are essential ways to stay competitive without adding extreme and unnecessary expense to the bottom line. At SSj, our webmasters use the technique of Human Factors Analysis to determine what works, and what doesn't with this analysis method we can grasp your business quickly, and advise you about what needs to be included in your website, and how it should be conveyed.

SSj's core competency is creating clear and engaging websites that convey the essence of a client's business or service efficiently, effectively, and affordably. The websites can be easily maintained and updated on an ongoing basis by the client, even if one is not technologically savvy.

SSj's expertise allows for the building of integrated, interactive electronic systems and applications tailored to the special needs of the client to allow custom solutions through website tools.