SSj International Consultants

We offer Web site consulting to provide you with numerous choices in your search for the most dynamic and most effective way to express your message. We take your current business plan and analyze ways that you could improve your existing message and expand your online presence, through marketing and eCommerce.

Graphics / Web Design

We will work with you to enhance your existing graphics and translate your current marketing message to address the Internet media. We will work closely with you to design a website that is interactive and dynamic. Our goal is to provide a site that utilizes all of your companies current needs and allows for future expansion.

We will work towards transforming your idea or existing site into a practical application that remains within your budgetary considerations. Implementing the worked out plan in a timely manner based on your specifications.

We are a total database knowledge resource planner, specializing in teaching you how to manage your existing database and how to plan for the future. We can transform your existing database applications to utilize the current site you already have to maximize information strategies.

Web Hosting

We offer the capability to have your site hosted on our secure, 24 hour a day, maintenance free servers. We can advise you on the best plan for you based on your companies needs and budgetary constraints.