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Lennox House Tea Room - Etiquette
  • Blot lipstick before drinking, avoiding leaving lip prints on the teacup or linens.

  • If you must leave the table and are going to return, you place the napkin on the seat of your chair. When everyone has finished tea, the hostess signals the end of tea time by placing her napkin loosely to the left of the plate.

  • Hold your tea cup by it's handle, using a bent index finger and thumb to "pinch" the handle. Unlike the grasp used with a coffee mug, you never want to "ring" your finger through the handle.

  • Never dip a scone in jam or cream. Pretend it is a dinner roll. Break off bite size pieces and add the jam or cream on your own plate. Scones are not to be eaten with a fork.

  • Often, we hear "pinkies up!", but the truth is that the last finger, like all of the other fingers, are simply curved inward. If, in the course of lifting your teacup to drink, your pinkie naturally extends, then it is perfectly correct to do so. If you purposely extend (or purposely inhibit) your pinkie, you're really over-thinking it!

  • Gently swish the tea back and forth when stirring. Never leave your spoon upright in the cup and likewise, be sure not to sip your tea from the spoon as well. After stirring, return the spoon to the saucer, placing it quietly behind the cup, not in front. It should be on the right hand side of the saucer, behind the handle of the cup.

  • Remember that tea is to be sipped, not slurped and not used to wash down a large bite of food. Swallow your food before you sip your tea. One should always try a little of each course and while doing so avoid talking with his/her mouth full. That is why it is important to take dainty bites.

  • When eating scones, you should follow the rules of eating any bread, eating only small bite-sized pieces at a time, with a dollop of jam first topped with cream. Once you have used your utensils, it is impolite to put them back on the table or re-use them to serve yourself more of the jam or cream, so be sure to rest them on the side of your plate.